Kitty Hawk Intern - 3 months

During the summer of 2018, I worked as an engineering intern at Kitty Hawk, a company building all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. While at Kitty Hawk, I contributed to the aircraft source code to improve forward flight and later designed and tested battery configurations with the battery team.

The Cora aircraft

Matternet Mechanical Design Intern - 6 months

Developed medical transport drone at Matternet which flew mock trials in Bhutan and Papau New Guinea. I designed and manufactured a new airframe from the ground up, piloted several prototype vehicles, and tested new propulsion configurations for maximum range and payload. During one test in Bhutan, the drone was able to cut the transit time for a mock tuberculosis diagnostic kit from 90 minutes - the usual time by car - to 20 minutes.

During my second summer internship at Matternet, I worked on designing and prototyping an automatic payload delivery system for use in Matternet's van-based drone delivery project with Mercedes-Benz.

Photos: Matternet

Delivery trials in Papau New Guinea

Delivery trials in Bhutan

Package delivery drone developed in partnernship with Mercedes-Benz
Palo Alto, California